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About us


is a non-profit organization that defends the corporate interests of its members and the rights of its clients.

The Association’s most important goal is the creation of a civilized tourism market and assistance in the tourism industry development at the national level.

Our mission

- creation of a favorable environment for the tourism industry, which is based on globally used principles and standards and will contribute to further economic growth and prosperity in the regions. – Assistance in protection of environment and animals, territories that have historical, cult, cultural and and environmental significance through the development of responsible recreation, ecological tourism, travel and tourism;

Main goals:

— to turn tourism into the leading sector of the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic

— to achieve support for the further development of tourism at the highest level, in accordance with its enormous importance for the economy of the republic

— to create a favorable climate for tourists by creating jobs, encouraging the development of national cultures, environmental education

— to simplify the visa system and other formalities

KATO is also involved in the implementation of specific projects - marketing, educational, informational. The Association conducts a daily newsletter, organization of various meetings, round tables, social events, etc.

The structure of the KATO includes the Presidium, the President, the Executive Directorate, and committees for the directions of the Association's activities.

The activities of the Association are aimed at:

Consolidation and interaction of business for the development of tourism, coordination of entrepreneurial activities of the Association members, as well as representation and protection of common interests;
Coordination of entrepreneurial activities of the members.
Interaction with public bodies, local governments, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.
Development, improvement and popularization of new internal standards and services in the tourism sector.
Increasing the investment attractiveness of regional markets in the information and telecommunications sector
Organization of mutual cooperation between members of the Association.
Organization of educational, scientific and exhibition programs, conferences, forums and symposia.
Elaboration of recommendations on enforcement and optimization of legislation.
Promotion of the image of Kyrgyzstan, by participating in international exhibitions, etc. to attract tourist;
Promotion of sustainable tourism development and promotion of new environmentally friendly technologies in tourism, in order to preserve the nature
Representation and protection of interests of KATO members in state authorities, local government and other organizations.
Organizing events for the coordination and cooperation of the activities of KATO members, as well as other subjects, cooperating with the Association;
Represents and protects its rights and legitimate interests of its members in the judiciary, government and local authorities and public associations;

KATO trainings

Trainings for guides are held on an annual basis in order to provide travel companies with new guides every tour season.

Trainings are for:

For everyone who wants to work in the tourism sector;

Also for those who already have experience as trainees in travel companies or have initial experience as tour guides; Students who speak any foreign language and has excellent communication skills are welcome.

  • Upon completion of the training, students who have successfully completed the training program and passed the final exam will receive:
  • Certificate of successful completion of the training.
  • Students will have the opportunity to pass the accreditation of KATO guides
  • Students will have the possibility of employment in travel companies for the summer tourist season or have regular job.

Course duration: 2 months